They Promised Snacks…

That is why you’re here right… food? I mean, that is my motivation to attend just about any event so I get it. I love food. Who doesn’t?

I started this blog to chronicle my food-related adventures- both inside the kitchen and out of it.  As a full-time RN, most of the time I need my meals to be practical, nourishing, affordable and relatively simple. But sometimes, everyone also needs something a little extravagant and outlandish in their life… like a chocolate espresso cheesecake. Or beef wellington.

I was raised without cookbooks or measuring cups, in my mom’s kitchen of “add until it tastes right” and “just put in more garlic” and “I think this is how I made it last time”. No stress, no rules, and lots of imagination. I learned that feeding yourself and your family doesn’t have to be precise or expensive, and can actually be fun. Growing up on the West Coast with Eastern European roots and then relocating to the Midwest has left me with a unique blend of culinary experience. Yes,  I can make homemade perogies, but I also make a mean salad – whether it’s a pretzel salad or a kale salad just depends on the day! 

Anyway, grab your favourite spatula and a plate and join me as we make something delicious!

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